photo-2I am exhausted.

We have had the flu and some
upper respiratory infections
an ear infection and
I am so tired of the hacking
pressure with a
shaky unstable head.

Though, I do enjoy the sleep of the convalescing.
four to five hours of dreamless sleep
waking up in the silent house 9:30pm
all is well

Cough, cough, cough a-choo!
I hear coughs from
all over the house.

There is no room without illness
My Bear began to implore my assistance
driving home by two urgent care locations
he came home and asked me to drive him to
see a doctor.

I have learned that if I am sick
I am not safe to drive
for any reason.

So, I said, No, No, No and No

Eldest Surly Reverie spends
hours upon hours
locked in the bathroom
he at least has antibiotics
for his sinusitis and we have
to wait out the stomach bug.

My Child coughed all night
but was impossible to awaken
Sleep heals

Girlie wakes in the wee hours
fixes a bowl of cereal that we share
coughs, sneezes, kisses me
then conks out with her head
on my stomach

My Silent Sentinel has
turned into a teenager

I love my children and
appreciate how wonderful and
angst free the boy has been,
but I know that in order to
grow emotionally and socially,
the child must turn into a
self-centered a-hole so that
he will want to leave the nest.

If he could have waited
just one more week,
I would have appreciated the reprieve.
Yet it is not meant to be.

My Silent Sentinel is a wall of uncooperative behavior.
No chores
Not enough homework
Not enough sleep because of video games.
And whose fault is that? Mine.

My Child has had one explosion a month
that I haven’t written about.
His violent outbursts are disruptive and
happened the week after
Eldest Surly Reverie moved back home, with girlfriend in tow.
(No, she is not pregnant.)

We have had some trying arguments
since my super sized man child 15 year old
believes he is old enough to
call me names and still live in my house.

That weekend of corrective behavior
was rough on everyone here.

I tend to tackle
one crisis at a time, slowly,
while waiting for aftershocks to die out.
I’m not liking the crisis overlap.
Not one bit.

When My Child is in the room
with Girlie, she now yells,
“No, no, no, AAGH!” while jumping and
waving her arms.

It’s a pretty accurate imitation of
the 6’4″ teenage toddler mid tantrum.

It’s difficult to put her in her room
while My Child freaks out since
he broke her bedroom door during
another of his tantrums.

In the long list of repair projects
fixing her door got put on the end of the list
since having running water in the kitchen,
then having a floor in the kitchen were priorities.

Unfortunately, my priorities
do not line up with anyone else’s
so taking one month to put in the sink,
then another month to get the drain working,
plus the unfathomable removal of half the kitchen and dining room floors
and the dismantling of the counter and its contents into the living space
kinda threw me for a loop. It looked like my kitchen upchucked all over my house.

Seventeen arguments later,
the counter has been rebuilt
the sink has been installed
the water works with shut-offs
that were never broken but replaced anyway
the flooring and carpet in the dining room were put back
but the kitchen is the sticking point.

They want to remove the rest of the unbroken floor
down to the joists due to a leveling issue.
The new subfloor is lower than the older floor
that has linoleum and board on it.
As it should be.

Honestly, I can’t handle any more
demolition during the winter time.
It was crazy,
there were tools, nails and sawdust
everywhere in three rooms.
I just cleaned all the saw dust off
everything in the house.

Then, one outlet blew a fuse and
an unscheduled unnecessary project developed
I tried to stop it, but
one electrified zinger to the arm and
two broken outlets later
I was able to contain the situation.

Holy Moses!
If it ain’t broke
don’t fix it.

You know I’m venting right?
I’m not searching for a solution.
I know how to do repairs on old houses
plumbing, flooring, outlets, light fixtures, ceiling fans…
I’ve lived in old houses most of my life.
I just can’t get down on the floor to replace stuff myself.
I’m frustrated with the frailty of my bones.

I need to go to the home repair store and purchase
pre-cut slabs of wood to raise the floor
then buy a top layer of linoleum
to stop the freezing cold air from
blowing up through the gaping cracks that have
been left underneath the sink and between the floorboards.

I’m so cold
its been 5 degrees Fahrenheit,
then 12, then 35 all the snow melts,
then it drops back down to 18,
so we can slide on black ice on the roads.

I remember learning to drive in Cleveland
in the winter of 1986.
There was snow and ice
the instructors taught us to steer into the skid

When I drive on the highway
I see one downed light pole after another
Maybe they’re breakaway for less fatalities?
Cars off the road in the ditch
facing the wrong direction
tracks in the snow
illustrating the trajectory
of the one to two ton killing machine.
No one learns to drive in the winter?
Maybe those people stay off the roads when
it is too dangerous to drive.

One of the reasons I’ve been absent
is that I’ve been reading to maintain my sanity
Paranormal urban science fiction fantasy
with female heroines who shift into demons, vampires,
werewolves, werebears (No not carebears,) werecats
and the occasional wereshark.

Can you imagine werefish?
Would the fish even remember what it
was supposed to be fighting,
unless it was a werepiranha
that could get ugly fast.

So, um, I’m living vicariously
through snarky, twenty-something
pissed off, yet funny female characters
who fight evil mages, vampires,
aliens, demons and fae
(no, they’re never called fairies)
while having PMS. Ha ha ha ha ha
I almost dropped my Kindle from
laughing too hard.

Life is too messed up to not
have anything to laugh at.
Cause, any good mom will know
to never, ever laugh at their teenagers.



Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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