Neglect can still result in death
Doing nothing is just as harmful as
tripping someone as they walk down a hill.

My first thought was to compare neglect to
forgetting to water plants, but that symbolism is
not mine. A therapist used that analogy to describe
untended relationships; they wither and die.

Just so you know, I hate semi colons. They
interrupt the flow of thoughts as I focus on
life’s most evil/feisty dilemma; colon or semi colon?

What? The point. Oh yes,
neglecting the ones you say you love.

Isn’t love the thing that you fight for?
Why am I the one fighting for love when
the other participant in the relationship is
running in the opposite direction
I can barely see the number on his back.
I’m squinting now

The question is, do I continue chasing?
Do I stop to see if he notices?
Should I turn around and
run in the other direction?

Live in the moment and enjoy
the wind in my face as I run alone?
I wish I liked running.
Everything in me says
stand and fight.

How do I extricate myself
from this without hating him?

As you can see the paranoia is creeping
up on the sides of my sinking ship like
tentacles of the epic sea monster.
He has me and they will not let go
It has chosen its prize and I am it

Or, is it my relationship? I am
separate from my relationships
though I am an integral part of them.

Though it cannot survive without
two active participants
He is missing in action
I am a voyeur in my own failed relationship.

Does the declaration of “failed”
mean I should just give up,
cut the damn cord and
start treading water?

I have mentioned before that
I don’t float. I’m actually a sinker.
‘Rubbish,’ you say. ‘Everyone floats.’

Laughing, I jump in the lake and
wait to see if anyone notices
that my head floats inches
below the surface.

I am not happily buoyant.
I have to work at it.
I can tread water
to break the surface to win air.

Why is it that I have to work so hard
at things that other people take for granted?
Genetics provide more body fat for the majority
of the population. People think that
being skinny is a gift. It means that
when I get ill, I have no reserve to keep
me within the realm of health.

Sure, if a skinny girl complains about
her weight in the forest,
did she actually speak at all?
There is no one in her forest who cares.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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