Yeah well, it’s getting to be that time again.
When we should vote for President and Vice President
Some folks say that not voting makes a statement.
It is stating that you do not wish to be counted.

The absence of your statement makes no statement at all.

I struggle with being blunt to those folks
who feel inaction causes some form of a reaction.
Inaction, non action is like not breathing
what happens if you can’t breathe? Wait for it…

You die or pass out first, then die.

Let’s look at the definition of inaction
“inaction |inˈakSHən|
lack of action where some is expected or appropriate:
future generations will condemn us for inaction.”
Apple Dictionary version 2.2.2 (203) Copyright © 2005–2017 Apple Inc.

A noun is a person place or thing. Hum the song with me
Inaction is not a verb because you’re not doing anything.
It is the opposite of action.

The verb tells it like it is
The definition of a verb is
“verb |vərb|
a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen.”
Apple Dictionary version 2.2.2 (203) Copyright © 2005–2017 Apple Inc.

Not voting does not remove
the horrible candidates you had to choose from.
In fact, it is more horrid because had you
participated in the primary elections,
we may have had a better choice of candidates.

Not voting also will not stop you from complaining about
how terrible the elected person was
or the defeated person wasn’t.

I feel like one of the only chances we
have to affect change in our federal government
is during the presidential elections.

I am not an uber-patriot, but I believe in voting.
Sure our representative democracy has flaws
what system doesn’t?

In the United States,
the year of presidential elections
is fraught with news reports and articles
about our style of democracy and
the often maligned electoral college.

It is a unifying and leveling of
the playing field for those of us who
remember our government classes from High School and
those who may not have taken the class or
paid attention thirty years ago.

2/2018 I didn’t post this before the election
because voters seemed almost rabid about
their presidential election opinions. There
continues to be a general frothing at the mouth
from both sides that doesn’t seem to be dying down.
I was born here and I’m staying, for better or worse.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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