What to do when you suspect
your child’s psychiatrist needs a therapist?

This isn’t a bad thing, really.
It means he’s human.

So, human that he rants at you
rather than listening to the updates
you may need to inform him of
regarding your child’s behavior.

Let’s call him grumpy and frustrated
with schools that want children medicated
to help with behavioral issues.

The fact that he is irate about the teachers
and principals diagnosing students
who have behavioral problems
shows his capacity to care for his patients

The fact that he left the door open while
he was in a session with another
parent and child was my issue.

Sure, I could have plugged my ears and
hummed, “la-la-la” in the waiting room
twenty feet away, but I felt uncomfortable
approaching him to let him know that
there was no confidentiality in his office.

I had a funny conversation
with a parent
in the waiting room.
She asked me if I
“could get a word in edgewise”
when talking with the doc?

Well, uh, no.

“He talks so fast,
he never lets me talk or
answer a question.
That bugs the hell out of me.”

Yeah, he does the same thing with me.

“He’s been drinkin’ too much coffee or
takin’ what he’s prescribing.
I thought it was just me,
but the last time we were here
the other people in here
said the same thing.”

It’s good to know I’m not alone
He seemed a little tightly strung
to the point that he made me
lose my train of thought
when I’d start to speak.

I described “My Child” as being
out of control at my house
then I took a breath…

Dr. C, launched into a string of
questions, “What do you mean,
‘out of control?’ What does that mean?
That could mean all sorts of things
that’s not enough information.
What does out of control mean really?”

It means he barks like a dog,
running around the house like
he is out of his mind yelling the
Xena the Warrior Princess cry
as loud as he can while
bouncing the basketball
against the living room wall
while his sister was trying
to take a nap.

(Soon after this post, Dr. C’s contract was not renewed. He was replaced by Dr. D who was fired within his first six months. A new nurse practitioner was hired who subsequently quit. The newest psychiatric nurse practitioner is a keeper.)


4 thoughts on “What to do 1/20/2016

  1. She’s working with ESR and The Silent Sentinel. She has listening skills and was able to deal with ESR’s unmedicated ramblings. She has sons my age, so she gets their attitudes, without condemning or ridiculing them. I’m happy with her.

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