Gun Roswell, I love your images of undisturbed piles of snow
and that parent pushing a stroller through the snow.
I always wanted skis on my kids strollers in the winter 🙂
Your images always make me wander off in thought:

In Ohio, I’m laughing at your images
Not being mean, just commiserating
We get a big dump of snow
we shovel the driveway
the state street snow plow
blocks us in
It is what winter brings us

Treacherous walking out of doors
I was wishing for crampons
(no, that’s not a typo for tampons
no, I’m not saying I want “cramps on” Monday)

Every February, since 1998
We get a heatwave,
all the snow melts
then it starts to rain,
we have ice storms,
tree limbs collapse from the
weight of icy exoskeletons

Beautiful and dangerous to
walk alone in the woods
Trees tinkling like
clinking champagne glasses
as a foot breaks through the
ground shield of ice “crunch
thud” muffling into the soft snow underneath
Definitely a workout!

I was one of those weird kids
who walked forward in the snow
only to reverse my path
by walking backward
in my footsteps

Will a bird see my footsteps stop
and assume alien abduction?
Or think I sprouted butterfly wings
and flew away

Those would have to be some big wings

Frozen greens



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