The Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 Exercise 11 from Impromptu Promptlings

What Makes Me Feel Loved

When I remember a shared memory or moment from twenty years ago
with a friend I talk to three or four times a year
birthdays and holidays come and go but
when I call
he answers
his smile travels
through the phone to my heart.



10 thoughts on “What Makes Me Feel Loved

    1. Thanks Calen!!! These days I’m not sure if I’m speaking a foreign language in this home. I’m met with, “I don’t understand,” and “What are you talking about?” all day everyday. Or, the teenage toddler, “Hmph.” Or the Silent Sentinel’s blank stare “___________” (The sound of a pregnant pause)
      GOOD NEWS:
      Girly has remained chipper throughout this turmoil and her minor surgery (that will hopefully bring a major breakthrough in her spoken language skills.)

      Eldest Surly Reverie is stabilizing on his almost normal dose of medication after being thrown into withdrawal due to a county paperwork mixup for four months.

      There are some of us who really need our medications in order to limp along. The county wouldn’t/couldn’t understand his need to have the process expedited. when they figured it all out it was fixed in one day.

      So, ESR has become my cheerleader. I guess this is the parenting payoff that people talk about. 🙂

      BIG HUGS! from Ohio. Thanks for reading this.

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      1. The boys seem to thrive under pressure which feels so dysfunctional. As long as they are happier that is good. I’m going to appreciate their happiness no matter how it arrives.

        No, the boys go every other weekend to their father’s house. We’ve got a full house.


    1. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I’ve watched my son since this summer and it has been very tough for my Eldest son to handle the anxiety/depression and mood swings while unemployed and being told he wasn’t trying hard enough to get work. It’s hard to be employable while struggling. Moving in with me was the last thing I would have thought he would want to do, but it has worked out really well for us all. He spends time with his little sister. He gets away from the constant stress of his father’s chaos. I get a break every day!!!!! I made him go get examined by a doctor for past due wellness visits, eye exam, dentists appointments, so he could learn how to take care of himself.


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