Thanks Calen for that writing prompt found here:

What are your three biggest fears?
What about them scares you so much?”

Do I have to limit it to three? (Disclaimer: I have an anxiety disorder and my fears are an unfortunate part of my daily life. I make fun of it. What’s my alternative?)

As the resident scaredy-cat in my house
I am afraid of water, heights and
losing all my belongings

I’m not a strong swimmer and
I have a hard time floating.
So, deep water makes me panic.

Driving on a bridge over water
really sends my anxiety into overdrive.

What possessed engineers to
create bridges with steel mesh roads?
I’m sure there is some practical,
logical common sense reason for it.

(Structural reasons like rain and
wind blow through the bridge making it so
I can’t drive across large rivers without
pulling over to take a couple deep breaths
before I act like a sane driver and
continue on my way.)

I have a fear of not having belongings.
Well, having things stolen again or given away
being told that I have no right
to the things that bring me joy
is a rational fear caused by my divorce trauma.

I’ve have fun therapy sessions where
we talk about
rational fears vs. irrational fears

Drowning victims and poor swimmers
should fear swimming

Victims of theft and harassment
should fear repetition of their assault
(until they come to terms with it, or
write joke blogs about the circumstances.)

I’ve never fallen off a cliff
but I have fallen down a flight of stairs

Woo hoo! That’s three rational fears for me
That’s one small step toward me being rational.
Now, if I could stop general anxiety…
that irrational fear of the unknown

(Sigh, she closes her laptop,
dons her superhero costume and mask
and dives into the fray of parenting
where her children think she can do anything.)


One thought on “Saturday Sound Bites-Scary

  1. Bridges with mesh roads? You’ve GOT to be kidding. I don’t think I could drive across that! I didn’t put parenting down because I’m past that. Or am I? With Bran living at home I still just see him as my boy, not as an adult in his own right. NOT a good situation!


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