Calensariel has writing assignments for us here on her blog: Impromptu Promptlings

What fascinates you?

Animal, vegetable, mineral? Seen or unseen? Something common? Something weird? Whatever it is that grabs your attention, please share it with us! If you have a hard time coming up with one thing, make a list! The world is full of all kinds of crazy wonderful things! Tell us what captures your imagination…


As I drive along the fifty miles of Turnpike
my eyes wander to the trees standing
alongside the expanse of asphalt

Tall bare trees stand like stark memorials to life
stripped of vegetation the lanky statues stretch up
after the birds, sky and wind
Only to be anchored to this earth.

The trees never grow toward the road
searching for something green
among the black tar and metal

Quite the opposite, some trees lean away
We are not as omnipotent as
we must clear the woods periodically
Americans like tidy expanses of land
grassed like golf courses
because that sure looks natural (sarcasm)


7 thoughts on “A Response to What fascinates me? March 2018

  1. It is hard to communicate in person since there is no delete button. My kids mumble and their voices are so low I have to ask them to repeat it again and again. Their speech patterns are foreign. Their father took them in 2012, so there was a huge shift in verbal vs. non verbal communication. Their terminology is slightly british sometimes. They never picked up his accent, just things like saying the cooker or the cushion. I cock my head a little and remember those days.

    Thanks for reading.


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