That is the question
Whether tis better to
crop with matte board
behind glass in a frame

Or, mount it bare on
matte board with
foam core board
stuck by double faced tape

Individual pieces sell
when packaged nicely for some
that’s a pro for matting and framing

I prefer the raw view of art
I want to see the texture
of the paper
that’s a pro for mounting
the work on matte board

Cons for matting and framing
1. the godawful cost
2. having to decide
which frames go with which pieces
3. what type of glass or plexiglass
do you prefer?
4. do you want glass at all?
5. reflections off the glass since you can’t control the lighting.
Some artists like this decision making process

I think like a sculptor, cause, I’m a sculptor
Even if I can’t touch your work,
I want to imagine what it would feel like

You want your viewers to be drawn into your
thought process of how you worked on your pieces
They look for the symbolism that matches the images

Working with galleries you will find that there are
requirements for matting framing glass or no glass

Art consignment galleries may ask for a brief resume
and a select few pieces of your body of work
If possible take a few pieces in to show the owner

They may ask about your pricing plus
their markup which should be written into a contract,
if you can’t decide
NFS (not for sale) works

There are community art shows on college campuses
Local galleries that feature local artists
art centers sometimes have a small gallery for local artists
coffee and tea shops have walls and a clientele that sit there for hours
Grocery stores, hardware stores and furniture stores sometimes want real art to hang

Look around and see if there is an art organization near you
an art center,
an art school,
a volunteer center may display artwork,
there may be a state arts council,
or a museum that appreciates the local art folk.

If you have a strong art community you may have time to organize your work at a reasonable pace, the waiting lists are often booked 12-14 months in advance.

If someone wants you to show right away, limit your number of pieces to what you can comfortable complete by the time the date rolls around. Tell them four pieces, complete six then have them decide what they want to show.

Now here’s my disclaimer:
Showing art is a personal decision
based upon the responses from your blogging community
we think you should show the work
you have a style that I think is unique
that has become familiar to me

These are my opinions about art based upon my experiences
I’m sure I’ve left something major out
I hope this makes some sense
I feel like my tangent
ran away from me
Asking an artist
to talk about art?

You just gave me my favorite candy
then asked me if I wanted another.

I hope this helps.

For Sheldon

Oh, I almost forgot about artist books
that way you could create a book that can be opened
and displayed.

Books get manhandled, but there are formats that can lie flat.
Now wouldn’t this be nice if I included images.
That may take me some time.

Tomorrow I get to go to the nurse practitioner
for a referral for physical therapy
and anti inflammatory meds to help with the realignment
yes, just like a car I can go for an alignment
which triggers muscle spasms

Maybe I’ll have time Saturday



5 thoughts on “Matting, framing or mounting

  1. What an interesting post, E. I guess it was interesting because I used to get a load of cross stitches mounted and framed and had to make some of those decisions. There’s way more to presentation than most people ever think about. I won first place at both County and State fairs with a couple of my pieces. 🙂 They had to look good.

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