There is a special place in hell
for people who have been impatient
rude intolerant insensitive judgemental

That place is my bedroom
right next door to the diesel
tractor that is doing something

in the driveway next to my bedroom
I really don’t care what they’re doing
as long as it stops soon

Maybe they are digging a ditch
Maybe a new gas line is being put in
water line?
electric cable?
gas line?

If I were in the city
I wouldn’t care
Noise is comforting there

a part of the community
of reversing truck beeps
garbage truck bangings
city bus breaks squealing
car congestion honking

in the country though
I wanted birds chirping
chipmunk squirrels barking
trees creaking in the wind
a pickup roaring by occasionally
the trains squeal groaning two miles away
and the target practice of my neighbors a some acres away

it stopped
Oh no not the chainsaw
I was hoping for a dirt bike
but no this may take a while
False alarm, it’s just a weedwacker
As my mom used to say “My nerves are shot”


Comfrey border

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