This morning I woke up
with the memory of a dream

Someone I don’t know
thought I was special enough
to help carry the tremendous weight
of a desk on my head

(You know the old school desks
that hold your entire fourth grade world
the lift up top with the
metal reservoir below

For some reason as I left my
son’s therapy appointment
I managed to lose my boots
but I succeeded in
carrying a school desk on my head

(No I don’t carry the
weight of the world on my head
but I guess I do in my dreams
Duh, Earth to mother of four
yes it seems that you do)

Some grad student a man in a suit
was next to me he was amazed that
we knew the same woman overseas
I’m not sure where he met her

I just felt the connection maybe
because I need one to survive

She called him on the phone as
I was walking next to him carrying the desk
He spoke to her of our coincidence

We got separated in a crowd from nowhere
I went back for my boots then returned
to see him walking in his socks

This time I waited for him to
retrieve his footwear
(I love the useless tasks that fill my dreams)

Building security stopped me to
see why I was loitering
I explained my bootlessness
and his shoe loss

She asked for the name of my doctor
I gave her a name and she agreed
to allow me back into the offices
to recover my friend

I came out without him or his shoes

Of course I passed a naked man
carrying two pairs of shoes
so I gave him my scarf
a soft creamy woven acrylic that
he needed more than I did

Wearing my scarf as a sarong
he gave me the brown pair of
wingtip dress shoes he picked up
in the hallways above

I found myself in my car
on the side of the road waiting
for an opening into traffic
I needed to turn left at the intersection

I moved into traffic but clipped the car
in front of me as I turned left
(Dream physics wins so I never expect logic)

I pulled over to make sure they were okay and apologize
The two occupants of the car were standing
outside the gray 1976 Volaré sedan
(that belonged to my father in the 1980’s)

The angry driver spoke through
clenched teeth no one was injured
the car was beyond battered
and old, he said he was unhappy but
“just ignore it” and find my shoeless friend

(In my dreams most of the
background characters are
omniscient and know why I am there
what has happened and
who I need to find)

This time in the building
I found my missing friend and
gave him the shoes that matched
his business attire

He gushed over being reunited with his shoes
I said everyone would have returned them
He disagreed and thanked me

I invited him to breakfast
we walked desk included
through a small town
singing beer jingles

What a sight we must have been
People stopped to look and wave at
the parade of two

Dream Prompt

The innocence of the teen years
walking talking with a boy
who just wanted to talk
about life vision and perception

Over the years I have connected
with many who seem as lost as I am

The young man’s father was dying
he was the only family
staying at the short term
hospital housing facility

I was young ish and so was he
All I could do was listen
That seemed to help


7 thoughts on “In my dreams

    1. I try to keep my laptop near my bed so I can wake up and write down the weird dreams before I forget.

      One of the things I like about facebook is that I can rediscover those old friends to find out how they have grown up, changed, etc.

      It’s better to not know how lost we are.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ha ha!
    I think a lot of my depression issues stem from feeling like things are always missing or I’m not feeling fulfilled or I have achieved something and it still feels like something is off. Ignorance could be bliss or just less bleak.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you. I’ve struggled with that whole fulfilled thing over the years. Looked for myself everywhere. I’ve come to t he conclusion that it’s a myth. Our reason for being here is to make life a little bit better, less lonely, less scary for others. I can honestly say that’s the closest I’ve come to feeling fulfilled.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very wise advice dear lady. I think you do make the world a better place with your blog. It is very inclusive and welcoming. It is a pleasure to know you.

        It’s hard to learn to do your best everyday and accept that your best may change from day to day.

        I should make a bunch of posters and put them up all over my house:)

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, too, hon. It amazes me the way you keep plugging along with everything that’s been going on in your life. You may not realize it, but you’re quite the inspiration! ❤

      "It’s hard to learn to do your best everyday and accept that your best may change from day to day." That is such an important part of the equation, isn't it…

      Liked by 1 person

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