Holding Girlie in my arms
she sleeps smiling in innocence
I don’t have memories of being held
I remember the soft hand on my forehead
checking my fever there was always a fever

I was not a frail child
Keeping up with older brothers
climbing jumping swinging running
was natural for the youngest to do

Realizing that my mom worked
to give us more than she grew up with
is what Mother’s Day is about
appreciating who nurtured us to be




Motherhood is watching those
precious fingers belly and toes
grow into whatever their
imagination brings


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    1. Thank you. I wanted to wish everyone a happy mother’s day, but the day got away from me. I was trying to express what my uncle sent to me via text. So I hope it came across.

      I’m still waiting for the dust to settle and the other shoe to drop. Mother’s Day here was too eventful.

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      1. That sounds like a perfect way to finish off the day. I spent most of the day with the boys watching Girlie, while I learned to use my programmable modem for the internet. I was able to isolate all the devices by MAC address and assign personalized shut off times to keep the boys from overdoing their internet time. This modem also allows multiple channels so we don’t get kicked off the internet when a playstation gets turned on.

        Yes, I geeked out. Uninterrupted time is a great gift.

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