I promised myself
I would go outside
everyday this season

In a struggle of
my own creation
I check for humans

then I open the door

An hour later I find
my cellphone is dead
the bluetooth headset

hugs my neck in case I need
help or company in the weeds
of my own design

I can tell time has passed
the sun is burning overhead
I keep finding reasons to
step into the shade

I pull garlic mustard
mixed in my sweet woodruff
and wonder why my strawberries
are so healthy and bountiful

Dividing and separating seems
to require more heartlessness
than I can muster

Relocation is the solution
I have black raspberries
that could use the competition
near the poison ivy

I pruned my grape vines and
wrapped them around the row of
six foot arches in the front yard

I removed the woody stems from the
three year old sage plants and wait
to see what kind of growth will return

I have basil plant seedlings that have
appeared I’m not sure whether to liberate them
and place them in planter boxes

The Poke weed was taken out by my son
where I have planned to grow sunflowers

The oregano grows as if its root system is
deep and healthy, so I’ll just leave that alone

No sign of the Fennel, but
onions are present everywhere
there are chives mixed in

Buttercups and chives could stand to be
separated, but there is no rush really

I had a grand plan to plant and intersperse
garlic as a natural bug deterrent
Drawing it out will help clarify the
spacing and plants involved
I had plans for my barrier fabric
but changed my mind

This space is fairly organic so
my drawings are more guidelines than
actual plans

The continual weeding of a mystery plant
can take a portion of an hour

It requires unmedicated focus in order
to lose myself in the task

I have a patch of sedum
well, I have many patches of sedum
but the patch near the deer statue
requires intensive weeding of grass

Some days I want to pull it all up
and sit with the carpet of roots
pulling grass out from in between the


3 thoughts on “Garden thinking planning 5/12/2018

  1. Your posts about gardening are always calming to me. I wish I were a gardener, but my back has never allowed for that. Maybe if I had wooden beds that were three feet high? And I have a question for you… We have planted some mustard seeds that Bran got at a retreat in a pot in the house. They are about three or four inches high now. What can we expect from them? I heard they get little yellow flowers, but then what happens? got a clue?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Calen! I feel like I’m trying to walk you through the garden in a really vague way. I was working on a photo blog last night when I crashed my computer. I’ll try again later.

      I’m only familiar with mustard greens. My family uses three types of greens mixed to make the southern greens dish: Collard, Mustard and Turnip Greens.

      To answer your question you are going to have some healthy leafy greens growing, plus some yellow flowers that will go to seed probably pretty quickly. Some greens bolt in the hot summer weather. That’s great if you want to collect more seeds. When the flowers form, expect the taste of the leaves to get stronger, more bitter than usual. You just reminded me that I haven’t planted my greens yet. I’m going outside today, maybe I’ll pull out the rest of the strawberries and plant greens again.

      Here’s an article for you: https://www.growveg.com/guides/the-benefits-of-growing-mustard/



    2. You can buy industrial shelving like this: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-5-Shelf-Shelving-Casters-Black/dp/B071DZHLXH/ref=sr_1_24_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1527205084&sr=8-24-spons&keywords=wire+shelving+unit+wheels&psc=1 and build it at half height to make two shelf units. These shelves usually hold 150 – 300 pounds so that should hold a planter or two filled with soil wet or dry. If you get the 4″ locking casters you can move one shelf if you’d like. The second half will be stationary though. The bottom shelf or shelves can be for storage (bags of soil, watering cans, empty pots, etc…)

      Then find planters that are close enough to the desired length, plastic is fine, unless someone wants to custom make them for you like this: https://www.amazon.com/ATT-SOUTHERN-WB3012OT-Planter-30-Inch/dp/B00CXL9SWA/ref=sr_1_33?ie=UTF8&qid=1527205747&sr=8-33&keywords=plastic+window+box+planter+30+inch


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