Girlie and I have been
picking strawberries everyday
There’s always one more
red one hiding in the sedum

I’m going to have to weed
aggressively in order to
control my strawberry plants
They are prolific and wandering
like mint, but with above ground
runner extensions across paths

The new plants are the new crop
I don’t have to buy or
plant from seed

Like spider plants
the mother strawberry plant has
babies that are attached
by a runner cord
once the roots are established
it’s safe to cut the cord

I planted these guys
from seed in 2015 so
it makes sense that
I’m getting a good crop
of strawberries in 2018.

Grow seeds in early spring
Lots of leafy plants by the fall
next spring they rise from dormancy
the few strawberries get eaten by
the ever present hungry chipmunk family
the following spring lots of healthy fruit
Now it’s time to nurture the babies
so I can repeat the cycle without
planting from seed

Delayed gratification
in spite of inexperience
Well, I read the seed packet
that’s not complete ignorance
but not really enough
information about these
perennial plants

All hail the internet!


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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