Playing With Pictures…

Jun 2018

Posted by calensariel

So! I belong to a small group at our church that’s experimenting with using art of all kinds as inspiration for making space for God or spirituality in our lives. A suggested activity is to contemplate the piece of art and then write about it.

The first picture grabbed my attention, actually it grabbed my attention 30 years ago the first time I went through this class, but I didn’t write about it then. So when I sat down to write about it this time I had a bit of a surprise. I THOUGHT I was writing just a little story, but on rereading it I realized it was something much different.

Just for kicks I’m going to post the picture here and see if anyone is interested in writing about what they see. Then in a couple days I’ll post what I wrote… No worries if this doesn’t draw a crowd. I’m just kind of curious what others would say about the picture — whether they saw it in anyway as I THOUGHT I did. If you don’t want to write a “story”, you can just leave a comment with your thoughts.

The picture is “Bent Figure of a Woman” by Vincent Van Gogh.

My Response

Maria sat waiting for the
artist to complete his drawing

She had seen his work in the past
and knew it would be wonderful
if only she could remain still
relaxed and at peace with
the weight of her head on her hand
her right leg crossed over the left

Breathing deeply she listened to
the scratching of pencil on paper
She wondered if her figure
was floating in space on the page
or were lines and shadows
forming a chair holding her
on an artist’s pedestal


One thought on “The model: A response to

Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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