In this summertime of
flea mosquito wasp
and spider bites

I search for
not allergy

Can anything
heal Girlie’s
golden scarred

I forgot about
an aloe plant

Deet free
tea tree

smell nice
but do not
stop the

insect hoards
that have
my home

The perpetual body furnace of
a toddler burns hot like a kitten
smoldering while she purrs
against her mother’s belly

She is a beacon
to all winged
hopping crawling

Stung bitten and
sucked upon
the timing
is perfect
growth spurts
temper tantrums
delirium and

“I can’t do it anymore”
She screams
like the world
has stopped
and I’ve
asked her
to get off

It takes
in my brain
to settle
my heart

This child will
sleep tonight
soon, so soon

I’ll miss her
mischievous gleam as
she refuses to pick up
the pickle juice and
lavender lotion

“I can’t pick it up I’m busy playing”
“Nooo, I will not poop in the potty”

There is a trick to
the four year old brain
and it does not include
fruit snacks apple juice
Ben and Jerry’s non dairy
chocolate dessert
with brownies before bed

I let her have
things that I
wouldn’t normally give her
Just checking
I have earned another
food sensitive child

So sleepy
she rests her head
on my thigh and
asks me to read what it says

I read a column of words so as
not to startle my little humming bird

Her breathing slows
two fingers firmly planted
in her mouth, she grips my arm
“You are my comforter,” she says
“Without you I’m cold”

Rolling over
her left hand
strokes my chin
checking to see
if my head is
still attached

How could my arm and leg
keep her secure without
the rest of my body
staying attached?

This child has been scarred
I can never undo
the harm
the insecurity
the uncertainty
of a child who was
encouraged to hide snacks
and lie if asked about it

Everything is a stage
Testing testing

How much does she really understand?

I think she needs an acting class
Raising experimental child number four
by the skin of my teeth and intuition
is emotionally exhausting

She is fast asleep
Squeak, squeak, squeak
she sucks her two fingers
She is comfortable for now
Everything will be just fine



17 thoughts on “Essentials: Peppermint Eucalyptus and Tea Tree

    1. I am so tired. I’m rolling with the chaos. Still no definitive answers about if we will need to move. I’m applying for things, being evaluated, my jobs skills test predicted that I would make an excellent fine artist or singing messenger based upon my personality and learning styles. Haaaaaaaaa Haa haa! I may have to go back to school. Art Therapy or Special Education, while I try to work as a substitute teacher, I’m not sure. I have not been cleared to go back to work yet.

      I’d love to have a job as a sci fi fantasy young adult proofreader. I’m not sure if those jobs are out there. I don’t have to make any decisions yet.

      How are you feeling? I’ve been disconnected from the internet playing chauffeur to everyone.


    1. Dear Sheldon. Thanks for checking in. This never boring life gets full of driving to and driving from. Waking up for and waking up after. I’m barely noticing everything passing me by. I’m outnumbered in my house of children. Technically, the Silent Sentinel and Eldest Surly Reverie are adults, but I’m really just on my own with a toddler most of the time. Reason has left me. Talking to a toddler is like trying to explain things to a very enthusiastic puppy that licks you in the face when you’re trying to put their leash on for a walk only to find that she peed on your socks before you put your shoes on. Damp toes and all, we go for a walk.

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      1. Reason has left me….that sounds cold and lonely the kind that sits deep…and goes intentional…..I know there’s more to this I’m just observing……I’m sure you have a release hopefully your art is your savior.. As Always Sheldon

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I just kind of folded in on myself for a while. I let my plants die back. I harvested my tomatoes, basil and sage. Other things happened. I got really sad. My anti depressant was increased. Things are leveling out again. I’ve wanted to log in for a long while, but couldn’t move beyond the thought. I had to find my password and editing browser link.

        Thanks for checking on me Sheldon! That means a lot to me.


  1. There’s this organic apple cider vinegar Bargg I believe that’s how it’s spells a cap full a couple times a day makes a world of wonder…its good for all sorts of things…you look it up you’ll see

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