In theory
my blog looked idle
empty devoid of life
my reality was
just as busy
as ever

I have reduced
my stressors
distanced myself
from some of the
crazy that follows me

I’m stronger
my bifocals and
anti depressant
are too

My anxiety
in the evenings is
pretty constant
with crushing chest pain
my racing heart beats
in a three legged gallop

People speak of
being at the crossroads
my life is more of a
multi-lane roundabout
than the normal
stop and go intersection

Yeah, it’s like that

Straight through
Turn left
Turn right
Circle the middle until
I decide what direction is best

Now I’m circling the middle
which is better than
spiraling down the drain
or sinking into the abyss
while treading water

It’s time to
make decisions
take steps
firm my boundaries
stand my ground and
learn to use a minesweeper


2 thoughts on “Well, December is Coming

  1. Well, yes, but that’s good that you took a break for yourself. How are you? Have the meds stabilized? Is your condition better or stable? I’ve missed you and your blog, but I’m not on the computer much. I’ve been playing scrabble online. Trying to reign in my crazy anxiety and medication side effects and life turmoil. I’ll try to do an update soon, maybe on the trees in the woods so I can be less censored.

    Big hugs to too!!!!! So great to hear from you.


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