The first, most important thing to realize is that progress takes time. What the ….. ? Oh, I forgot the world writes in sentences with punctuation and thinks in prose, not line by line poetry. You may wonder, ‘What is she talking about now? She’s started her blog complaining about things that only she can see.’

Alright then. The problem I have is a formatting issue that the WYSIWYG interface (new WordPress editor) assumes every time I hit return at the end of the line of text

Space – return

See that? Right there. I did not mean to start a new paragraph and yet here we are. All the way down here instead of up there a single space below the word text. This makes writing dialogue easy. Saving myself obvious keystrokes that I would rather have the option of choosing not to skip. (Clear as mud, right?)

Say if I wanted to write in a poetic line by line style

I would be essentially creating a whole bunch of code to create a format that I




What the hell is wrong with me having the ability to use the return key multiple times? I really am a control freak when I write. My solution for the last time the WordPress interface was updated, ‘to help me’ was to switch to the HTML editor setting so that I could write in a stream of consciousness style without the visual distraction of forced double line breaks.

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind having to write without having to add a bunch of keystrokes. Ok, that was a lie. I like typing. I like formatting. I’m not sure I like this new WordPress editor, but I’m going to try it at least one more time before I switch to the HTML setting or go back to writing in TextEdit, select all, copy, then paste.

I’m not morally opposed to updates. I just like it when word editors work, the same way I’m used to, without some gung ho design team deciding to reinvent the wheel by creating a new version of an editor I didn’t really have problems with in the first place.

What a surprise! I’m complaining, again. I’m going to post this then go make lunch. A novel idea that I have discovered recently that can only help me stay healthy.


4 thoughts on “Just a little whiny…

    1. Thanks Sheldon!
      Have a holly jolly
      merry rest ye
      weary gentlemen
      silent silver bells and ivy
      drumming like a
      little drummer boy
      while yuletide chestnuts pop
      pipers leaping
      milk maids dancing
      swan and geese swimming
      golden rings of birds,
      hens, turtles and doves
      a boar’s head, partridge and a duck
      without being run over by a reindeer.

      I had so much fun with that I wrote a blog with links to Christmas carols, lots of them


      1. Hey if your happy that’s a good thing especially with the holidays and all
        I hoping for the best but after today I’m not so sure
        Its to close to my skin to really talk about


      2. I try not to think of the holidays as a big block of required socializing and forced family interaction. I don’t do parties, sometimes I might cook. This year the only decorations that got put up were the candy canes my little girl brought home from preschool. I’m not doing the tree alone or forcing participation from the unwilling teens. Life is too damn short. The struggle is present always. I took a diversion (christmas carols) and had some rays break through the darkness. Escape is good. I read a lot while she sleeps. I wake up in the ungodly hours and read about dragons, magicians, werewolves, anything that can have a happy ending eventually.

        I hope you get through this patch of life unscathed. The new year promises to bring spring eventually. Sheldon, are you still making new artwork? I’m planning to plan working on art again, with modifications for no lifting. It’s slow, but it may help clear my head if I can get some projects out of it.

        Still thinking about you, take care Sheldon


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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