Originally written: 8/26/2018

Micro SD card, Kindle death, MacBook amnesia and
a charging port that chooses not to charge

Micro SD card,
Kindle death,
MacBook amnesia and a
charging port that
chooses not to charge
on an iPhone 4S

I have searched
I have researched
When a Kindle has a bad day it
eats it’s memory chip
Yes, it is the micro SD card that was,
but no longer is the guardian of my data
I’ve been playing Wordscapes and
I’m up to level 1000
not really as important as it feels
but I want to keep going
without having to start over

The iPhone charging port
has had enough life
The phone itself is happy
getting the battery charged
is the problem

What good is documenting
things via text if the device
the conversations were on
runs out of juice

I supposed transferring
texts to a newer used phone
would solve the issue by
transferring the SIM card
to the new device
if I could

(Yes, there’s always that big ‘But’)
My old phone’s SIM card is
too large for the new phone
Why would things be simple now?
Let’s just continue down the road to
‘Why this is supposed to be easy
but it’s not’

Yes I am a tech dinosaur
My Child gave a sigh or relief
I have entered the realm of
thumbprint locks and my phone is
only 2 years old instead of 7

(You should have seen his
embarrassment when I used the
iPhone 3GS which was
released in 2009)

The SIM card technology went from being
business card sized to mini
to micro to the new nano size
What it boils down to is
I can try to chop my SIM card
down to the storage chip
risking my data
Or, I can try to transfer
my information through Wi-fi
which did not work completely

Why would it?
This technology is
designed for people
who can let go of
pictures conversations
because it must not matter
to the rest of the world
what photos I sent to my father
since the birth of his last grandchild

What am I some type of digital librarian?

Maybe so.

Actually yes, I am an old geek.


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