I found this from a long time ago

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Supporting the universe one phone call at a time, Nibor talks to her ailing friend, Htebazile. Htebazile is in tears, again. She is struggling through her perpetual mid life crisis.

“To boldly save us from the wolves,” Nibor intones from her healer training as she lights an incense cone, “who are uniquely disguised as small gentle furry creatures.”

“Yes,” Htebazile, automatically recites from her memory, “‘They remain so until you stare into the dark pools of their eyes. Shine your light into their eyes until they blink.’ Nibor, I get so lost in there, the feeling of longing pulls my stomach as I turn away. Can you help me fight them?”

“With the quickness of the cobra, they strike,” Nibor continues, “They try to snatch every shred of safety you thought you had.”

“My safety net; pierced twice, ruptures and I am lost in the swirling pool.”

“No! Hteba, ‘Your safety net; reinforced twice, propels you from the swirling pool.'” How can you twist those words when I know you can feel the light?”

“It is so dark within me,” Hteba admits to her oldest friend.
“It seems so dark because you have forgotten about your light. Is she still with you nursing?
“Yes, I keep her on my chest.”
“Watch her breathe when you feel the darkness pulling at you. Does she not make you smile and feel the warmth again?”
“Yes, but I wander, mentally. Ugh, It is so hard to rebuild my core strength.”
“Practice with body and mind as one. Remember to practice.”
“I will try.” Hteba sits in lotus pose cradling her light.

“Erash hali rot rot,” Nibor states.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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