It is funny
the lives we live
the friends we cling to
and the aspirations we have
lost and found along the way

I have a love of characters
When I get bored (have insomnia)
I read books by self published authors

A good author creates a story that takes
me out of my pain, anxiety and depression

Whether a new language is
created or a different world blooms
I can envision myself as an omniscient viewer
in a sacred space free from personal tragedy
familial hostilities and my mistrust and
fear of people

People wonder why I
like gardening rather than mowing
It’s like my interactions with seeds,
seedlings, saplings and roots can heal
my sadness and suspicions

It can and it does



2 thoughts on “It

    1. These neighbors would have to speak to me first. I wave, I get nothing. I say hello, I get nothing. No hint of friendliness, neighborly acquaintance… I no longer have time or effort to waste, but the article was amazing.


Any thoughts on the above post are appreciated! Otherwise, I think I must be living under a rock.

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