Everyday Inspiration: Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

Copyright 2009 MetalFlowerMaker@gmail.com "What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine" We have coexisted for longer than we can remember We were once a forest of saplings near the shore of the red river, now we perch above the bank that tickles our exposed roots The others uprooted by strong elements fell and were washed…


Bread Crumbs

I was thinking about leaving a written trail of bread crumbs for someone to find. A list of items, memoirs, notes and photographs that explained my actions. Then I remembered, my anonymous blog is a trail of bread crumbs. My crumbs drop behind me as I walk into the leaves the crunch swish of yellow…

Morning Aura

In the mornings, there's a pulse in my neck that plays along with my optical migraines. Rhythm with an ocular slide-show only I can see. A veil flickers over my vision blurry pulsing in time with my heart beat. Good morning aura!