Updateish, My birthday

My conditions are permanent they say. I say they are permanent until, my doctor comes up with a new diagnosis, like married-itis or workaholic syndrome, have you heard of this new one: Iusedtogiveashit but my ex has SheshoulddoitallwhileIblameherforeverythingsheruinedmylife. Today is my birthday. Yesterday was my ESR's birthday My mother's birthday is in two days I'm…


The normal teenage experience

Am I to believe that the normal teenage boy experience is fraught with suspensions, fights, testosterone rages, bullying and expulsion hearings? My normal teenage girl experience was fraught with internal anxiety, concerts, hormonal moodiness, loneliness and award ceremonies. What a difference 33 years makes.

My own personal lunar deity

The pinch in my arm tells me my blood pressure is back up to normal. My hands and feet are no longer of ice. Out of the corner of my eye, my full vein throbs in two places. A monthly, nine day eclipse, My anemia makes me faintly wonder: Can my life drain from me…

Being Up

I have to get out of bed even if my cell phone signal works best when I am prone on the bed There are things to be done today Moving...is a start Rolling over, next step Bending knees, moving hips Progress I may need another thirty minutes just to breathe in and out