Our Challenge:Write a poem that should be a silly wurst spelled poem today and death to a silly limerick by night.

Deadline is 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight or tomorrow night.  This is yet another act of “poetic disobedience.”
https://drkottaway.wordpress.com and https://metalflowermaker.wordpress.com

I posted at the Writing 201: Poetry commons that I was driving myself to extreme anxiety over these poetry assignments.

drkottaway replied,
“You’re working too hard! Have fun!
There was an article in the Seattle Times years ago called “stupid art night”. It was about a group of artists who were all sort of stuck, so they started having a “stupid art night”. They did things like macaroni art and styrefoam peanut art night and it got everyone loosened up and silly. Unstuck.
Maybe tomorrow we could have “stupid poem day” or “bad spelling on purpose day”.

So, we have plotted to have fun with our poetry adventures.  Please include the link in the body of your post when you create an entry on your blog.  The link is:


Poetic Disobedience Postings:






19 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge: Poetic Disobedience

    1. yeah, my limerick got a bit long, but I think I know how to better write a bad limerick. I turned off my moderated comments so your post should pingback without needing manual approval. I will probably be awake again at 6am EST. Have fun with the rest of your evening.

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      1. “how to better write a bad limerick”….. hey, @benhuberman, this is my favorite line from the class so far, though it’s all been wonderful!

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    1. I wish I could handle having a regular feature. Not so sure at the moment. Maybe. That was one of those Blogging 101 assignments that I chose to pretend wasn’t there. My life doesn’t exactly allow for regular behavior or regular time. I can hope, but I won’t be sure for at least another six months if I get a new regular life. Yeah redundancy. regular, regular, regular. I think that’s as hard for me as normal, normal, normal… 🙂 Your enthusiasm is contagious.

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      1. Redundancy. That sucks. I hope your life gets sorted out soon. If I wasn’t so snowed under by my serious writing, I’d ask you if I could borrow your challenge, because it’s the best one I’ve seen, and is making people laugh.

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  1. Could I borrow it? Obviously, I’d credit it to you. If I decided to go for it, it would have to wait until this poetry course is over, and things are less manic. Although, are they ever – I can think of a few things in the coming weeks that may slow me down, and in particular the fact that I’m going to be spending the month of April in a tent on an off-grid campsite, then when I come home, I’ll have to find somewhere to live.

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    1. I’d live to take the credit but I got the idea from https://drkottaway.wordpress.com/ . We planned it together during the Writing 201:Poetry class. Part of our conversation was in the Commons. I think if you search for me or drkottaway, you will see our conversation. Check with her too to see if she minds. 🙂 It sounds like you have a life a bit like mine. Breathe, just breathe and things will fall together, not apart. Actually, you sound calm, I’m the one hyperventilating:)

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  2. I’m so dense, my brain just registered the other definition of redundancy. No, I didn’t get laid off or fired. I was being redundant with the word regular. Hi! I’m redundant how are you this morning? Or, should I say my name is Ms. Redundant Tangent.


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