Sure, I have my support team
who deserts me when I need them
I am told to surrender myself to the emergency ward
to be detained until they decide what to do with me
I am shamed for driving myself in for help
why should I travel by ambulance when I have a car?

I visited my therapist
I called for support
I spoke to a friend
I lost my freedom
because I asked for help

Treat the patient
not the disease

I was a depression case
not a person in crisis.

Do statistics show that a person
asking for help will kill themselves
after they receive crisis therapy?

Why create a system of helping
that traumatizes the person in need
of assistance? I understand why
people don’t ask for help. The treatment
you receive while waiting is inhumane.

The mental health business should
be ashamed of itself.

Am I a glutton for punishment?


14 thoughts on “Pink Slipped

      1. Of course. In the ideal world, you will be treated with respect and dignity in a facility that can handle patients with Major Depression and Anxiety. The process should not cause post traumatic stress.

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      2. most medical communities never seem to be able to put their “knowledge” of mental health into practice. I find it not only frustrating and mind-boggling, but I also find it to cause PTSD and makes getting any help for anything so much harder. I fight and fight and fight for a referral, get there, and have someone talk at me for 10 minutes without looking up, telling me to change my diet, and that everyone has stress….

        I’m sorry you are struggling ❤

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      3. This is why I’m processing via blog. Opinions like yours make me feel as if I am supported as I walk alone into the next psych visit to fire my doctor. Who am I kidding? I will probably just cancel my appointment without telling him why. I don’t think he will care. That is sad.

        Thank you for your support:)


      4. dont be sad that you know he wont care, be confident that you are making the right decision BECAUSE he doesnt care.
        Dont go in to the appointment. Write an email, then reread the next day. explain that your health needs are not being met, and you will be seeing (or are requesting a referral to ) Period. No need to give him any more of your time. Putting it in writing (and asking for your files to be forwarded to you) ensures that you have proof of taking control of your healthcare rather than being ‘dismissed” my a doctor.. which can also leave a bad rap on your sheet

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  1. firing doctors used to make me so scared and guilty and ashamed.. now it makes me feel so confident. I refuse to have anyone who is not 100% committed to helping me, have ANY of my time. I go back to my gp now with pride when I say “That woman does not know how to help me, and I refuse to go through that again. Please send me to Dr. x , who I have researched myself”

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