Doesn’t care about his court appearance this morning
Refuses to worry that he could be taken from my home
Tells me that I’m the only one who cares about it

Really? What parent wouldn’t care about the
hand of law taking their child?

Oh yeah, his father doesn’t care

My children have been taken from me once by his father
This is not an irrational fear
My Child does not give a damn

You haven’t completed your community service
You just took three hours to put ten straight pins in a pattern
Why did that take you three hours when it should have taken five minutes?
“It just did”
My Child, did you have a problem with the directions?
“What do I do next?
I asked you a question. You need to answer it.

Why indeed.


“Why ask why? You know I will never speak to you, lowly human. Begone!”


4 thoughts on “This Angry Child

    1. The court dismissed the case. He had 21 hours completed, with 6 hours scheduled and the promise of at least 8 more hours this month.

      He was to complete 25 hours in 1 month from his first pre-trial in August. Yup, he already missed one deadline and had he been left to his own devices would have missed the second deadline too.

      He received community service, anger counseling, medication compliance and attendance at school as a part of a diversion program for the domestic violence charge against him.

      If he has a repeat offense of domestic violence, he will be charged with an automatic felony. Currently, he has no criminal record.

      Now, I have to get boy number one, Eldest Surly Reverie, to finish his community service by the end of this month, so he can move on without a charge of domestic violence following him around.


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