in the frozen northern Ohio December
I remember blizzards of winters past
Digging tunnels through my back yard with my brothers
shoveling driveways with my boys
only to need to shovel again at our studio

Frozen gloves, crunchy scarves, frosted glasses
shovels, snowblowers, lawn tractor plows
snow squalls, flurries and ice barriers
made by state plows blocking us in the driveway
My neighbor’s method of compacting her
path in and out with the weight of her car

Girlie wants to make a snow angel today
I filled a jar with clean snow so she could
eat it while we drove through the blizzard
Those little things make the world perfect
Now, I just need to find a pair of snow pants.IMG_1409 - Version 2


One thought on “Snow pants

  1. Love the pretty pic! I remember winters past of sitting on the hot radiator with my kids drinking hot chocolate after an evening of sledding. Those little things DO make the world perfect if for just only a few moments. Fond memories!

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