Dear Mr. Platosgroove,

Would you say the
eulogy at my funeral?
I know, “how macabre is that?”
but I want someone
with some balls and a brain
to speak at my funeral.

You have those.

I’m not dying any
time soon.  You have 55
years to prepare.

No polite shit that
makes everyone weep
in memory of a person
no one knew and
never existed.

I am not a perfect
person, I was not a
saint, I had a sex life
no one is supposed
to know that good
girls have libido too.)

I don’t often feel real
until I read/listen to
your posts on
the internet.

It’s a compliment,
not a come on,
though I do melt
when you call me “Suger”
I can be blunt.

I am inappropriate,
coarse, kind and goofy
yet, I wielded a big stick
as a business owner
that happily no longer has my
name attached to it.

Bitch is usually the term,
but I prefer steamroller
who gets things done.
People get out of my way.

I curse, I sing, I garden,
I dance with my children,
I garden barefoot in the
rain. I terrorize hornets
and wasps, though I have
panic attacks around bees.

Ahem, I mean I have
“a healthy respect for those
who help pollinate our fields,
my flowers and veg et ables.”
I spell pho net ic ally and laugh
at the funny way we have
butchered the english
language. There has to be
something to laugh at that is
not at someone else’s expense.

I am loyal to my friends.
I love the friends I have left.
I love the new friends I have made here.

ps. I like cats.

pss. I like greyhounds and I would like to get a rescue dog.

psss. I like being pregnant, though four is my limit.

pssss. Getting to know my children again is a challenge.

psssss. I spend most of my weeks in meetings, therapy, mediation or my kids therapy sessions.  I’m a stay at home mom/artist/musician.  Which means I work like a dog, but get no props from the powers that be, though I seem to be able to take the kids to the doctor when they get sick, need a dentist, need glasses, have pneumonia…

the 12 armed goddess.

Pictured above: Bronze mausoleum doors


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