I have been reading during my hibernation this winter. This is the first chance I’ve had to hunker down and lose myself in new worlds since I’m up at the pre-crack of dawn (2-4am) every blessed day. I could be up doing laundry or cleaning my bedroom, but as I have said before this is my hibernation period so, I am reading like a fiend and writing book reviews as soon as I complete the book, since I have a memory the size of a flea.

I have yet to really integrate my personalities as I have been accustomed to allowing them to take over for a period then move on to the next persona. No, I don’t mean I change my name every month, but I rotate my personal focus from time to time due to weather, circumstances, money, pain thresholds and pure whim.

It goes something like this:
1.I wake up,
2.read a book, eat a dark chocolate bar,
3.write a review,
4.deal with family drama,
5.force myself to eat,
6.deal with mail,
7.organize the next day, while worrying about fifty things at once.

Item number 2 is the wild card
depending upon the season. I could
write four or five blogs,
draw, carve plaster, cast plaster,
cast pewter (while swearing under my breath,)
start a fire in the wood burning stove to
center me around my fire making practices
(I soo need to build a forge,) design

a repousse project, make glass beads,
finish my crochet projects,
give Girlie a completed
quilt-wall hanging, prep
boards for encaustic paintings,
photograph the surrounding woods
plant seeds in the greenhouse
(if I could get over my terror of falling
knowing that no one will look for me until
after I have succumbed to exposure, that
was one of my dreams last night. Ooh yeah,
most people call that a nightmare, right?)

Create a plan for my sewing projects.
Try to get back into singing…
this requires a transportation
aspect that I am avoiding until
I get the green light to drive again.


turn into an angry lioness to be
treated as an equal parent by a
school system that does not seem
to give a rat’s ass about My Child.

Let me alter that statement. They
care that he is not reacting
correctly to the opportunities
he is being offered, that he is
throwing back in their faces.

So, he is about to get expelled.
Don’t get me wrong, this child has
a semi-truck sized chip on his shoulder
and he is obviously in pain, but rather
than communicate with the parent who
seems willing to reign this behavior in,
they (the principal) deal with casual parent who effed up

the child’s medication while he waited for
a decision to get his health insurance reinstated,
rather than reaching into his pocket to pay for
the medication this child needs to function like
a civilized testosterone filled wolf cub in a school
building filled with pheromones and pack mentality.

Sure, his behavior is shitty and disrespectful,
but you don’t leave parents in the dark and
let them find out on the internet that
their child was suspended. Yeah.
I very politely escalated like I
was complaining about a rude sales
person at a corporation.

One more fact: casual parent above was out of the country
when this occurred, had not left an emergency number for
an emergency such as this and did not give instructions
for me to reach him either. Dumb _ _ _ _! our children
are objects to him to be used and manipulated until they
are out of control, then he “doesn’t know what to do.”

These are the steps I took Friday at 7:45 am
Step one: Call a therapist to judge whether or not I should blow a gasket.
Step two: Call a third party to check and see the child’s status while talking myself down from the cliff of ballistic mom.
Step three: Call the school board, check on procedures to see if a child can be suspended and sent out of the school without making contact with a parent.
Step four: Write a list with important bullet points so I don’t rant like a crazy person.
Step five: Call the superintendent.
Step six: Call the child’s house to find out if his brother received a call.
Step Seven: Call his grandmother to see if she received a call.
Step Eight: Continue on with my day after making sure I had my medication in my system to keep me from having a massive anxiety attack.
Step Nine: Call the family My Child is staying with to get her story about the events.
Step Ten: Prepare for fallout.

By the end of the day, I got a call
from the principal with an apology
for not letting me know that my child
had been suspended Thursday morning (WTF!)

He has sent an email to all parties to let
them know that I am to be communicated with
regarding My Child’s behavior as soon as it
happens, since I need to report that his
medication no longer works to the child’s
psychiatrist since casual parent can’t seem
to remember to not lie to the doctor about his child.

Curious principal asked if the
“lying when cornered behavior”
had anything to do with the medication
and I let him know what I have been trying
to politely imply without slandering
My Child’s father that casual parent
It is a learned behavior.
I felt the light bulb turn on
for curious principal and explained
that during my last visit with
The troubled child I had to load him
up with a Pepsi, his ADHD meds and
a Mountain Dew to calm him down.

Curious principal was surprised
that stimulants have the opposite
affect on children with ADHD.

(Please excuse the break in the regular scheduled program for a swearing break !!@#$%^^^^ %&*take a workshop ($^&*#%&@ (^$*##%&^#*&%#*learn about mental illness in children $%^*@$*@&@&^@%^ ((($&#%& untrained teachers ))half-assed administrators(^$%#*^#&^&#^#^ (&^$(&&#*%&#%^ this is not the old world where stroking the difficult child will create good behavior. ^*^$*%&$ (($&$*%#&^@^)

Do I need to be the mental health advocate for a school district I had to pull one child out of? These kids are jacked into the internet for far too many hours during the day and night and it takes uber stimulants to calm them down unless they have a physical outlet to regulate their internal chemistry.

Casual parent returned Saturday and has been arguing with My problem Child non stop. Which helps, not. I called to speak to said child and the not so casual parent was in so much of a tizzy (throwing a wobbler) that he would not stop complaining while I tried to talk to the barking mad child on the phone. I called ESR on his phone and begged him to remove said parent from the general proximity of boy number three for 45 minutes and give him (MC) a coffee to drink so he could settle the hell down. Then I got off the phone and went to bed, so my head could stop buzzing.

This is what ESR was like with me
before he started using me as a punching bag.

No, My Child can’t live here.
I have to protect Girlie and
myself from this crazy shit.
I can make suggestions,
but we reap what we sow.

So I hide in my books
and write reviews.
Cowardly, self preservation technique.


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