(I wrote this a month ago – July 8, 2016)

Today was to be a light day
I succeeded in oversleeping
misplacing medicine and missing
the foodbank. Time to cut myself

some slack. I’m down, overwhelmed and
noon has yet to arrive. Girlie is
watching Home on the Range. She
deserves that “little patch of Heaven”

with Roseanne Barr, Roseanne
Judi Dench, 007, A Room with a View
Jennifer Tilly, Monsters, Inc.
Cuba Gooding Jr., Jerry Maguire, Snow Dogs
Randy Quaid, Saturday Night Live, Independence Day
Steve Buscemi, Fargo, Monster’s Inc, Spy Kids
Dennis Weaver, Gunsmoke, Gentle Ben

Hah! I diverted my bad mood by
looking up the filmographies of seven
actors in a cartoon movie. Just for fun

I watched the Jennifer Tilly late night
talk show interviews. She dresses fairly
provocatively, causing discomfort for the male hosts
but manages to control the interviews by talking non-stop

until being interrupted for a commercial break
or just running out of time. She plays a unique role
when interviewed. Her long winded, breathy
unfinished stories are intriguing though longer than
Norm MacDonald’s standard interview jokes.

There are no prying questions about who she dates
Whether she is considered to be a serious actress
like her sister, Meg Tilly from Agnes of God, what
hairstyles she has, or her make up. All of the
hosts ogle her and don’t take her seriously.

When you see the pattern of her behavior in
the interviews and the pattern of the hosts
being caught off guard, it reminds me of the
Robin Williams interviews over the years.

She looks and sounds like a dark haired,
quick talking Marilyn Monroe, but I suspect this
professional poker player is a quirky comedian
who skirts the edge of propriety, throwing barbs
laughing out loud, smiling sweetly and having
an inappropriately obnoxious good time.

A nice diversion from my reality.


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