I write because
I can
I have to
I can’t stop
My mind gets full
I like playing with words
sounds are fun when you type them
I need to have some adult fun in my life
I’m in love with my laptop, the keys are sexy
it proves that I’m not so crazy after all
I can lift my laptop without hurting
my art is atrophying if I don’t
I have something to prove
I have something to say
I love being able to
type something
I can’t

“Day One: I write because …
Why do you write? This is a question you can answer again and again, as your response will evolve over time. You may have already addressed it in a previous blog post. Some bloggers also use this question, and variations of it, to shape their bios and About pages. Why am I here? Who am I? Why do I blog?

Today, tell us: why do you write? Set a timer and free-write for 15 or 30 minutes without stopping. Begin your post with “I write because …” or start it any other way you wish.”

The summer sucked the fun out of my writing. Fun with children and doctors does not make for happy and spontaneous daily exercises in creativity so I decided to take another WordPress class. You can visit them here if you are so inclined. The classes are on demand, so I can’t possibly be late for it or feel guilty for falling behind due to life being what it is. Entropy.


5 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration, Day One: I Write Because…

  1. “I write because…” — To tell you the truth, I never really gave that question much consideration. I just write. I guess it is just something inside me. Something I do. Something I am.

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    1. My chaos becomes my inspiration. Until life stabilizes, my three dimensional art is virtually non existent.

      Unless, you count my children, then it is all a work in progress. Not that I can really take credit for them after carrying them in utero. I’m joking.

      Writing is the only thing I can do and be interrupted in the middle of. Welding with a toddler is not possible.


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