Front yard last year
View through the morning glories into the front yard
Transplants from summer 2015 garden to new house
The maple tree forest in the gutters 2016, before cleaning and covering

I write with one arm underneath
the keyboard, too lazy to get
a hot water bottle for my sore wrist.
The heat penetrates to the aching bones
it feels good to rest without a toddler
a teen toddler and a brooding young man.

Life being what it is
becomes a hassle not worth discussing.
I stopped writing.

I dream of gardens so beautiful
bikers stop to peer into the floral
quandary that is my yard.

Inertia hit me
If I don’t plant now
nothing will grow
This thought pushes me
to chop wood

a brilliant idea
helps me procrastinate
the sowing of seeds

each branch leans the same way
and with all things artistic
only I can build what I want
This is not a collaborative yard,
a community garden

No, it is my outside room.


2 thoughts on “Exhausted

    1. No, I just have to hold the handle differently. I made the stupid mistake of choking up on the handle of the axe instead of changing my grip. I’m out of practice. I’m getting stronger though. Muscle memory is important. I used to hammer so often, that I got used to modifying my grip based upon the task in front of me. I’m out of practice and a bit detached from what is appropriate for my wrists. I’m not doing cartwheels or anything like that 🙂 I am hand pulling weeds and dandelions, just to work all the little muscles in the hands, fingers and wrists.

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