Yesterday, I may have said
Did you clean the kitty litter?
But he heard
You have never cleaned the kitty litter.

Creating an argument
with one participant
The other blinks in confusion
at another conversation
that has gone astray

Obviously, I must be speaking
some alien language
translated by angry squirrels
on a bad day

Death of a relationship, or
talking to a teenager

You know the glass theory
Half empty or half full?
Well, I’m usually about 3/4 empty
while My Bear managed to shrinkwrap
his before anything was poured

Splashes of life everywhere
except in the damn glass
I’m done arguing

Blinking, I turn to Girly
she grumbles “I want Mama”
her little voice pitched lower
than the girl of four
should be able to produce
and her hot, smooth cheek
presses to mine
Her hand rubbing the
other side of my face as
she purrs, “sweedy pie.”

death of another relationship
while parenting these sponges called children.

Can children of broken marriages
produce lasting healthy relationships?
It’s still looking like a no
Try, try, try again?
I’ll never marry again

Communities encourage
early pairings of innocent children
Sometimes she has a princess fantasy
Who knows what he has
(I’m just being honest)
My previous relationships
were full of narcissism
manipulation and
double standards

I married too early at 27
but an old maid
for my family

Girls of 15 marrying
the man of their dreams
Only to find
an abusing workaholic
an alcoholic with
wandering eyes and hands
(No wonder I have such a large family)
Illegitimate children are in many families
whether they are accepted or not.
I’d rather accept them as innocent children.
Someone needs to.

After so many double standards
can’t we ditch the “standards”
and accept the reality of
monogamy as a fairy tale
dream of some Cinderella
from an unhappily blended family.

The illogical wish for innocence and purity
for one participant while the other
more experienced party settles down
marrying a beautiful slip of a girl
with tiny feet
from an abusive family.

Way to crush those fairy tale hopes, Amanuensis.
Boy, it sure is a good thing you’re not making
fairy tales for your own children to read.
I’m hoping to be alternative enough
that one of my brood will find happiness
while experiencing life with partners
or without

Good morning and thanks for reading
my jaded dreams


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