I had the neurologist
in stitches. He laughed
out loud at the ridiculous
things they said to me.
I love this neurologist,
soft spoken but blunt.

A nurse walked me in to
the small office to get my vitals
before he came in. I’ve gained
some weight. I’m back up to a
reasonable skinny weight, my blood
pressure is good. Hearing my
story, the nurse shook her
head and tutted on my behalf.
“What a mess you’re in
Dr. (A+ Neurologist)
will be able to help you.”

He said, “Stay away
from ______________.
(The city I have received
crappy treatment from)
Go to this facility, ____________.
It’s not so far from you.”

“Get another psychiatrist.
Any psychiatrist should be
able to help you
change your medications.
I will give you a list.”

“Someone needs to look
at your medicines. Get
another GP Family Doctor,
here are some names.” He
handed me a slip of paper
with five names written on it.

“I will order an EEG for you
where would you like to go?”
I chose the hospital that
did testing on my Bear when
he totalled his car
and bruised his heart (the
same facility Dr A+ suggested.)

“Are you doing your back exercises?”
No, but I have an appointment with
physical therapy on Thursday at
“Good! You are sitting
up straight and tall. Do the
exercises at home as well.”

“Your last seizure was what, two
days ago. Do not drive.”

“Lift your feet up and down.”
He watched me move my feet
in my heavy biker boots
“Good, full recovery.”

“Why do all these bad things
happen to you?” asked Dr. Neurologist A+
“I will see you in a month.”

This is my neurologist that
I had with my drop foot in 2014.
He looked at all of me instead
of his little part and gave
credible medical advice then
and now. This is why I
waited to see him.

This list is here because you responded to posts about this topic (Thank you) I don’t expect everyone who comments to follow me and I wanted to give a positive update. Forgive me if I missed anyone. Those of you who are following my blog and click ‘like’ I appreciate you as well, my cyber-support network includes you too.



4 thoughts on “EEG Update -after the neurologist

      1. 🙂 I have to write it down before my memory takes it away. I had completely forgotten about my back exercises. I remembered that I wasn’t doing yoga, thinking of the muscle spasms in response to that much activity.

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