How much does a back cost?
Can you quantify the value of
irreplaceable parts?

I asked My Bear,
“How much is my back worth?
(deleting a bunch of
extraneous replies…)
“Really, can you put a value on the
replacement cost of my back?”

“Do you know how much I had to pay for
the truck, because it was returned late?”

“What truck?”

I stared above my glasses
in disbelief.
“The one that you
left me to unload
with a teenage boy,

I used what adrenaline
I could muster as
I threw angle iron off
of the truck,
the adrenaline petered out
and the sobbing started
I dragged my sobbing self
to the neighbor’s house
and admitted my failure.

She gave me soft tissues,
patted me on the shoulder and
let me sob until
her husband came home
to save this damsel in distress

My retired neighbor
(who may have been
retired for twenty years)
and the Silent Sentinel
unloaded the behemoth
seventeen foot solid (2″diam.) bar
that contributed to the
flood of salt water.

Somewhere along the way,
I lost my super powers
There’s not enough sunlight
to recharge my solar cells
I’m left flickering
on and off like a
street lamp with
a defective light sensor
on a cloudy day

I am a broken old woman
who could not see
that I am irreplaceable
and I should have
waited for My Bear
to get home to unload
the damn truck.

He knew when
he fell asleep,
that he had no intention
of waking up early
and unloading the truck.
I was left holding the bag.
A bag in the shape of
a sixteen foot truck
filled with steel.

but the
heavy steel that
weighed more than I did.

rolling down a ramp
on a hand truck
letting gravity do its
job as the counterweight
(me) slid behind it to
stop the momentum.
Perhaps I do have
some super powers left
I have become a transformer.

Today, was sit at home
and do next to nothing
because I hurt day.
I played with colored pipe
cleaners and goblets,
Girly may have learned
the color yellow,
I’m not really sure

She does like to sort
colors of objects
into containers.

Take the joy in
little things.


3 thoughts on “What is the cost?

  1. I know one thing, girlfriend. There’s is nothing that will interfere with your life like a bad back because it is the CORE of your whole body. It’s priceless… (So why haven’t I gotten mine fixed, you may ask. Because they told me I was too bloody young! Go figure.)

    Liked by 1 person

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